Accessories for Access Floor System

Accessories for access floor system usually consist of beam, bracket, screw, veneer, suction cups, and cable boxes. The beam and its height-adjustable bracket are screwed into a stable lower support system, and the floor is embedded in a square enclosed by the beam. Surface veneers include: PVC plastic veneer, melamine veneer, HPL veneer, etc.
The installation of the access floor requires a complete accessory system, which can be used to solve the interface problems of fixing, closing, connecting, transitioning and abutting the floor. One is to have sufficient expansion space for the thermal expansion and contraction of the floor. It protects the edges of the floor from abrasion and acts as a connection, protection and decoration.
CRAF ACCESS FLOOR: China professional manufacturers and suppliers of various accessories for access floor system. You can wholesale high quality accessories for access floor system for sale here from our company. For prices consultation, contact us.
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