High Pressure Laminate

High pressure laminate (HPL) is a decorative laminate in which a layer of kraft paper impregnated with melamine resin is injected into a decorative paper and a protective cover layer, and the resulting laminate is attached to the substrate under high pressure and high temperature. It is a whole composed of two or more layers of resin-impregnated fibers or fabrics which are laminated and heat-pressed. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, high strength, chemical resistance, low cost and easy installation, which is very suitable for demanding applications.
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Beautiful: Colors and textures can be seamlessly blended to add style.
Versatile surface treatment: Each laminate design gives a unique look and feel.
Durable: resistant to wear, scratches and impact, ideal for installation in frequently used locations.
Easy to clean and maintain: Simply use a rag for easy cleaning.
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