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Raised Access Floors Installation

- Aug 28, 2017 -

1. 1 Measurement of building area, confirm with blueprint. If not, do not work, and immediately with the owner or the contractor to discuss the failure to comply with the department, to make corrections.

1. 2 Confirm the height change of all the floor area, to benefit the laying of floor. Can be used in the construction level instrument, theodolite or laser level tester. At the same time to confirm the existing fixed structures such as pillars, thresholds, such as the number of positions and the height of the ground to the top surface. The lifts or floors must be in line with the characteristics of certain areas and determine special methods to ensure that the floors and bases are installed so that the floors are fitted to the floor. In the field conditions can not make the floor level installation and can not meet all the structural requirements, do not rush construction, so as to prevent construction after the impact of engineering quality.

1. 3 Establish the starting point, according to the theodolite test results, in the Monlchamus line to draw two vertical baseline, to determine the floor laying the starting position. In the edge position, the required cutting floor shall not be less than 15cm and the 600x1200mm dispatch base along the vertical ground.

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