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Raised Access Floors Installation Program

- Aug 28, 2017 -

1, floor treatment: the ground of garbage, dust, mud and other things to clean up, the ground if there is concave and convex objects, must be filled or eradicated, to keep the ground flat. The construction quality is superior.

2, assessment material: Measuring the site, estimating the overhead floor, bracket and other installation items (including loss of material) the number of required.

3. Feed: After the quantity is determined, the feed is sequentially

4, selected benchmark: To determine the construction benchmark, according to the basis of the direction of construction.

5, laying the base and the floor: according to the direction of the basic point of laying the base and floor.

6, The Edge: When the wall, pillars and other can not be placed on the whole, you can cut to do the receiving edge treatment.

7, openings: Construction personnel according to the requirements and quantity openings.

8, Adjustment: After the completion of the project, the construction staff will re-examine, in the wrong place, depending on the state of the floor adjustment, be sure to meet the requirements, at the same time to protect the finished product, so as not to damage the surface.

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