• HPL


    HPL is one of the commonly used finishing materials for furniture and interior surfaces, and is suitable as a...

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  • access floor pedestal

    access floor pedestal

    Steel Pedestal is an important part of the raised floor system. The entire raised floor substructure includes a base...

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  • cement raised floor

    cement raised floor

    The cement raised floor is made of high-quality cement and calcium silicate as the main raw material. Combined with...

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  • clean room raised floor

    clean room raised floor

    Features of clean room raised floor: New original design with high dimension accuracy.
    Light weight, high...

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  • air flow floor

    air flow floor

    The air flow floor is uniquely designed with professional layered fins for added cooling. Its performance is far...

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  • steel floor ceramic

    steel floor ceramic

    Specifications: 1) Cover materials: 10mm ceramic tile
    2) Color: as required
    3) Tolerance:
    a) Width...

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  • access floor

    access floor

    Access floor, also known as fabricated flooring. It is assembled by a combination of panel blocks, purlins and...

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  • steel cementitious floor

    steel cementitious floor

    Steel cementitious floor is made of steel plate, top to be SPCC material, bottom to be ST14 material, after pan...

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  • compact HPL

    compact HPL

    Compact HPL is a material with high friction and moisture resistance, extremely high hardness, density, and no...

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  • PVC rolls

    PVC rolls

    PVC rolls have a blue hue, which is our characteristic UV protection, but they are transparent. Our PVC rolls allow...

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  • carpet tile

    carpet tile

    Carpet tiles are a quality interior floor option designed for busy traffic applications. Carpet tiles are a good...

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  • band saw

    band saw

    The band saw combines advanced technologies such as mechanics, air pressure, hydraulics and electrical to enable...

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