Calcium Sulphate Raised Access Floor

The bottom of the calcium sulphate raised access floor is made of high-quality galvanized steel to protect the core and increase the load. The surface is a high wear-resistant fireproof high-pressure laminate (HPL) or (PVC) or galvanized steel (bare) with black conductive strips on the sides. The non-toxic and unbleached plant fiber is used as a reinforcing material, combined with the solidified calcium sulfate crystal, and is produced by a pulse pressing process. The system installation consists of a floor, a beam and a support.
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High in strength, smooth, fireproof, and water immersed without deformation;
Anti-static floor with PVC conductive static decorative edge strip;
The saw processing has high dimensional accuracy and good interchangeability;
The raised access floor base is environmentally friendly, non-radiative and has excellent load carrying capacity;
Excellent sound absorption performance reduces noise from walking or traffic.