Steel Anti-static Raised Access Floor

Steel anti-static raised access floor is a floor that prevents static electricity from products such as electronics and computers. It adapts to the specific requirements of the information automation technology in the intelligent building, so that the operating systems and control systems are effectively linked, and the place is more comfortable, clean and beautiful.
Steel anti-static raised access floor is widely used for electronics, computer production and packaging, telecommunications, explosive and flammable place, solvents, textiles, and papermaking and other applications are prone to static electricity.
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All steel structure, product weight, bearing capacity and impact resistance.
Surface electrostatic spray, wear-resistant, waterproof, fireproof, dustproof, long service life.
High dimensional accuracy, flexible assembly, easy maintenance, and high recycling efficiency.
It is equipped with a mold for the outlet, easy wiring, and convenient installation of the ground socket, which is used in various office places.