Steel OA Network Floor

Steel OA network floor is a new type of floor building material, which can be used with various office floors, magnetic PVC, etc. to achieve good decorative effect. It is designed to facilitate the expansion of network lines of modern office floors and office rooms. A method of ground decoration. In modern office buildings, the demand for integrated wiring and the demand for decorative effects often exist together, and the steel OA network floor perfectly solves this problem.
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Structural Features
It consists of a floor, a support, a shock pad and a screw.
The support is galvanized and cast aluminum alloy structure.
The floor is placed on a stand with a shock pad.
The screw is directly connected to the support through the corner lock hole around the floor, which has higher stability and is not easy to loose.
It is very suitable for 5A-class intelligent buildings, office buildings, computer rooms, teaching buildings and network integrated wiring occasions with overhead requirements. It is more suitable for the ground modification of the old office building integrated wiring.